A culture of choice

I came across a write up yesterday. It was written by a fellow Indian, and the caste ridden system that I live in, I couldn’t help noticing she shared my surname. I identified with her so much I wanted to hug her there and then. That,I guess, is the importance of blogging.
Like her, I totally believe we live in a world and society which functions by keeping us in chains and cages. Girls especially, are supposed to follow rules traditions and make them into habits. That way, we don’t feel bound even if we are.
Ever since I can remember, I have been taught to be calm gentle docile polite etc. Not that there is anything bad with it,just that maybe that is not the person I am. maybe I want to shout on the top of my voice,maybe I want to wear weird clothes. Why is it not up to me only?
It gets worse after marriage,so much worse that you feel you had no problems before. Clothes need to traditional,even if u don’t know how to wear them properly. Jewellery needs to be present even if you hate it. Colors need to become brighter in your wardrobe. What is this burden all about?
Culture cannot be maintained or glorified by forcing it on someone. Society should consider itself strong enough that its structure doesn’t depend on somebody’s clothes or jewellery.
I shared this thought with some elders around once. I was blamed for being “too westernized” and disrespectful. So I share it with this world. My thoughts maybe incoherent but they are from my heart.

my life..my choice..my dreams!